How to Teach Your Child to Respect and Discipline with Gentle Parenting

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How to Teach Your Child to Respect and Discipline with Gentle Parenting

When it comes to teaching your kids to respect, it is not always necessary to be strict or overbearing. Instead, there are many other effects as well as positive ways to help your children develop as respectful individuals who treat others with kindness and good behavior. 

Carpe Diem International School, being the best CBSE school in Rajpura recommends some amazing tips for parents so that they can help their children to teach respect and kindness. 

Tips to Teach Your Child Respect with Positive Parenting:

  • Explaining Respect to Your Child: Explaining your child what respect is and how to pay respect to others is important. You can do it simply by giving some examples about how to treat others. Simply put, make sure you help your child to understand that we need to be respectful to everyone. 
  • Model Respect Behavior: Children always follow the actions and every move of their parents. You can take it as a jumping-off point for teaching your kids to respect. But, it is better to practice this strategy with your child from a young age. It is because even babies and toddlers keep a keen eye on how you talk with others, and how you treat others. 
  • Offer Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement works effectively for some kids who love rewards and praise. It does not mean that you have to invest a good sum of money buying gifts, instead, you can think of small things such as a sticker chart, chocolate, a simple treasure box, or sometimes verbal praise. 
  • Respect Your Kids: Expecting your child to give respect to others is good. But, it is always important to ensure that your child is also getting it in return. Parents need to respect the personal space and belongings of their children. After all, they are also human beings and there may be some times when they are upset and need time and space to cool off. 


Teaching kids to treat people with respect irrespective of race and background is one of the important duties of all parents. It is no doubt a challenging task that takes time, effort, and patience. But, the above-mentioned tips can help you to teach your child to show respect to others in the most positive manner. After all, delivering spankings and harsh words is not the preferred way to get long-term results while teaching your child some important life skills.

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