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Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab

OUT OF BOX – Academy of Creativity


Every breakthrough, whether in Science, Arts or Commerce can be attributed to unconventional thinking. To come up with imaginative solutions, to generate ideas, to think out of the box are the skills that take one ahead in life. Today, more than ever, we need creative thinking for everything from reversing global warming to advancing one’s career. We believe that all great thinking is out-of-the-box thinking, created from the passion within.


THE RHYTHM OF SOUL – Academy of Dance


Dance is the poetry of the body, the language of the soul, the song of the feet. Every culture, in every corner of the world, has at least one dance form. Whether it is ballet or Bharatanatyam, belly dancing, or bhangra, dance brings people together, spreads joy, and is great fun. It’s an art form that teaches one elegance, grace and style, and a great exercise that lets one learn the value of dedication, practice, and control. We believe to dance is to express yourself, to be yourself, to love yourself.


Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab
Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab

THE HOUSE OF LORDS- Academy of Management


Management is not just about running an organization; it’s also about running your life. A good leader doesn’t just lead others, but oneself too. Whether it’s studies, career, politics, or running a home, it is all about management. To tell apart important from the unimportant, to not to lose sight of the big picture, to learn how to sensibly allocate resources, to get results – these are qualities that no leader can do without. We believe that the one who manages well is always a great leader.


CHROME– Academy of Information and Technology


In today’s age, technology holds the largest share of people’s imagination. The times are gone when mail took several days to reach its destination, and now it is just a matter of seconds. The world has become small as it is surrounded by the web of technology. A man residing in the North Pole is now as close to us as our neighbors. The evolution of Information Technology has made things that were considered impossible a reality. We believe that the future belongs to those who are driven by technology.


Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab
Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab

THE BEST MEDICINE – Academy of Fun and Humour


Mark Twain once said that the human race has only one effective weapon and that is laughter. Humour is the most infectious thing in the world. It is also a medicine for the soul. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and creates joy and intimacy between them. A great sense of humor is the best way to connect with the world around you. One must learn to enjoy the lighter side of life to come out as a winner in any difficult situation. We believe that humor can transform this world into a beautiful and heavenly place to live.


THE EIGHTH NOTE – Academy of Music


Beethoven called it the language of God. To listen to a moving piece of music is to treat oneself to a tiny yet splendid piece of heaven. Music can evoke every feeling to occupy the human heart-from deep melancholy to profound joy. The styles, the range, and the variety of music are as diverse as the people who listen to them. Listening to jazz you will feel the explosion of joy; a Kirtan tells you to experience the presence of divinity; a peppy film song elevates your mood. But every note of music is an attempt to speak the universal language of humanity. We believe music nourishes the soul and enriches our life.


Best Schools in Rajpura Punjab
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THE STORY TELLERS – Academy of Mass Communication


Words wield tremendous power. Whether spoken or written, words can bring about a revolution, change the destiny of the world and transform the lives of millions. Learn how to communicate with words and you would no longer be a mute spectator of momentous events, but an active participant. To create a movement, all one has to do is reach out to the masses and touch them.


THE BIG LEAGUE – Academy of Sports and Adventures


People who do well in sports do well in life too. They are better equipped to manage a crisis, spot an opportunity and make the best of any situation. Simply put, to excel in sports is to excel in life. It teaches you the value of Perseverance, Discipline, Endurance, Self-control, Clear thinking, and Leadership.


CBSE schools in Punjab
CBSE schools in Punjab

THE RING SIDE VIEW – Academy of Theatre


As Shakespeare said, “The entire world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely actors”. Theatre can turn children into great actors, but better still it can turn them into great orators, speakers, and leaders. One day they would win over a boardroom, or make an impression in an annual meeting. We believe Theatre improves one’s performance, both on and off the stage.


PLANET LOVE – Social Cause


“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, says the Bible. Compassion towards the less fortunate among us is a quality that no leader can do without. It is no coincidence that the world’s greatest entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are also the world’s greatest philanthropists in today’s age where business corporations have dedicated departments for corporate and social responsibility. It is never too early to learn about the art and science of compassion and giving.

CBSE schools in Punjab
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