Best Primary School in Rajpura

School transport at one of the top shools in Rajpura is the safest mode of transport for the student. Our school practices the safety rules for the well-being of the students.


A fleet of air-conditioned buses with tracking devices at one of the best schools in Rajpura Punjab helps to keep track of the routes and communicate with the drivers all the time. And multiple CCTV cameras are provided with dedicated maids for the safety and security of children.


The transport network predominantly covers all the major & important locations of Uksi, Sirhind, Banur, Shambhu, Kauli, Basantpura, Alunna, and other nearby villages.


The school transport facility is contract-based. Contact the Transporter (Ms. Harjant- +91 9988 011 234) for any query.


  • Please ensure that your ward is ready five minutes before the scheduled time of the child’s pick-up time. Driver neither goes to the child’s house to pick or drop the child nor do they ring the doorbell.
  • Please do not make the school transport wait as it can cause inconvenience to the children and make them late for the school.
  • The pick & Drop facility cannot be extended to the points where lanes are narrow and congested in case the stop is fixed for the child.
  • Please do not give any verbal information/instructions for any kind of change in the pick-up and drop schedule for your ward to the driver, No temporary change of address will be entertained by the school.
  • Please refrain from calling the driver on his mobile phone frequently since this can disturb his concentrations while driving.
  • Any change in address or contact details must be informed in writing to the school office. School holds no responsibility if the same update to the bus drivers or the attendant.
  • The students should board the transport only when it has fully stopped.
  • The students should stay disciplined during the travel time. In the case of regular discipline defaulters, transport will be stopped.
  • The students are not allowed to chew gums in the school transport.
  • It is not possible for the school transport to pick and drop every child from the doorstep. Parents will have to cooperate and drop and pick the child at the given stop.
  • Intentional vandalism such as breaking window panes, tearing and cutting of seat covers, and any other related offense will result in disciplinary action.