About Us

We are committed to the holistic growth of our students and leave no stone unturned to help them in their success journey and strive to enhance individual talents and capabilities. Keeping in mind, the paradigm shifts in the field of education, children at Carpe Diem International School are provided with opportunities and situations that facilitate them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest.


We aim to provide a conducive environment to help students realize their true potential by nurturing in them skills, such as creative thinking, teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving, and being a lifelong learner which will help them blend in seamlessly into an ever-changing society. To enable our students in realizing that a true global citizen respects the diversity of gender and cultural background.

Logo Story

Carpe Diem’s logo has been designed on the concept of TANGRAM, which one can rearrange to create different shapes. Our focus has always been to empower students to excel in different walks of life so that they can evolve as global citizens of tomorrow who can stand up for their rights and have the ability to make a difference in the world.

Best Rajpura CBSE School


Imparting perspective-broadening education to kindle the flame of growth among students.



A sense of sharing the same values and rendering respect, care & concern for all.



Stimulating learning environment to foster student’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.



Establishing a positive school climate, productive instructional strategies, and individualized support system.



Explore their potential, accelerate their growth process and help them become avid learners.



A dynamic environment in a way that enlightens their minds and nurtures their future.



Creating a community of curious and lifelong learners.

Why Carpe Diem?

“He who opens a school door opens the gates of the future.”


We strongly believe that every child is unique and the emphasis is on cultivating every child’s creativity and respect their native wisdom and imagination. The ultimate aim of school education is to enable the students to connect to the world through active engagement and to promote the best learning and development in all spheres of life.