The Carpe Diem International School, a school dedicated to global citizenship & education, has partnered with the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE in an educative partnership.


For us, studying English entails more than just passing examinations and receiving good results. It’s about being able to communicate and take advantage of a lifetime of great experiences and possibilities. Our certifications are tailored to school-aged pupils, providing them with regular benchmarks to keep them engaged.


Schools that collaborate with Cambridge University have access to a wide range of learning and teaching resources. We provide tools to assist instructors in preparing students, and we assist teachers in continuing to build their professional abilities as the world’s top provider of teaching qualifications and courses. We are also a Cambridge English Examination authorised preparation centre.

The different levels of the exams we offer at our school are as follows.


– Starters
– Movers
– Flyers


The differentiated levels allow gradual & step-wise inculcation of the communication skills.

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What are the benefits of this collaboration for students?


– As part of the University of Cambridge, we assist students in demonstrating their abilities to the rest of the world.


– It offers the world’s most comprehensive set of qualifications and assessments for English learners and teachers.


– These credentials and assessments are recognised by over 20,000 organisations throughout the world.


– A thorough development of all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) ensures the appropriate language profile for future employment/study.


– International English and testing methodologies are introduced.


– Fun and stimulating training and testing methods build confidence in general communication.


– All the candidates are tested according to the same international standards like the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for describing language skills.


– Internationally recognised certificates from the University of Cambridge, accepted by several institutions and organisations worldwide.


“Give your child the golden opportunity to master and enjoy the English language.” Help your child reach a standard that is recognised internationally.