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Methodology Of Teaching


Carpe Diem means, “Seize the Day” and that’s what our students, teachers, and families do every day, making the most of each day’s learning opportunities.


Students at our school are imparted with knowledge and the skills necessary for long-term life success. We empower students, build their character and put education to productive, moral use in their lives and communities. Finally, we equip students for life, by providing attention to health and wellness, skills necessary to fully engage in community life. We believe in producing global citizens who can stand with their heads held high. In our Academies, we focus on every aspect of a child’s personality and develop methods that cater to different learners. To nurture the talent of every Carpedian is the sole aim of these Academies. Backed by an in-depth pool of knowledge, students at Carpe Diem would be proud of their excellent exposure.

From Primary School to High School.


We have an analytical and scrupulous curriculum in these wings where a traditional and new way of learning things is blended in the Carpe Diem curriculum. Here the children are encouraged to do work that is more independent and formal education starts from Grade 1. Knowledge alone today cannot bring any child success.

Top schools in Patiala
Top schools in Patiala

Life Makers- READDEI For World


Lifemakers, as the name suggests, aims to transform the lives of children. We prepare them for the real world, to value relationships in life. They become aware of their emotions, their responsibilities, their role as human being, and their aspirations and are evolving as well-balanced individuals.

Curri Makers – Cooking The Perfect Curriculum


Currimakers, a team of veterans from the education sector, creates a curriculum keeping in mind the development and growth milestones of children. The methodology is experiential; children get hands-on experience related to various concepts.


The language class targets not just to teach correct grammar and sentence structure, but also aims to unleash creativity in children. The idea is to open their minds first and then help them build on them. With this kind of freedom and encouragement from their teachers, students who couldn’t think beyond two lines today express their thoughts in four pages.

Top schools in Patiala