School of the Future

Best Primary School in Rajpura

Carpe Diem International School – is an independent private school that caters to children from pre-school to High School. Each year students are enrolled in classes in our beautiful and safe campus. We utilize a highly effective blended learning model combining a rigorous curriculum with classroom instructions led by highly constructive teachers. We educate with knowledge, equip them with character, and empower students for a career and life.


Smart School


Learning is a life-long endeavor and we believe students shouldn’t be constrained by the typical classroom or traditional learning models. Students learn at their own pace and master concepts, before moving on to the next level.


Smart Children


Students are met at their instructional level to build competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. Each student receives an Individual learning plan to accelerate learning to maximize his full potential and meet career and educational goals.


Smart Choice


South African and US-based Carpe Diem Schools have inspired us to create the tailored based curriculum and a cerebrum team to analyze the child’s individual patterns of performance to create opportunities and enhance the child’s strengths and give help in areas where he requires support.