Mr. Anantveer Gupta

Top schools in Patiala

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education.” – Aristotle


We believe in educating the whole child focusing on academic, Social and emotional growth. We hope that our earnest endeavour opens the doors to a bright future for your child and he graduates as a confident and knowledgeable youngster, ready to take on the real world and be a global citizen. Education is a partnership between the school and the home, and we are fully vested in collaborating with families to make sure each child reaches their full potential. We would love to hear from all parents and are continuously making efforts to bring the very best to the future of our nation.


Let me assure you that your loved ones are in safe hands. Our staff understands the ethos of the school and help in guiding and encouraging the children and I am sure that the children will make both you and us proud.