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“SOF aims to develop competitive spirit amongst students and prepare them for Academic Excellence.”

It is a proud moment for Carpe Diem International School to announce the names of Star performers of National Science Olympiad and International English Olympiad and International Maths Olympiad where in students bagged Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

Grade 1

  1. Miss Pragya Singh – Gold Medal (IMO)
  2. Miss Peehu Gulati – Gold Medal (NSO) & Silver Medal (IMO)
  3. Miss Dhanvi – Bronze Medal (IMO)

Grade 2

  1. Miss Manreet kaur- Gold Medal (NSO& IMO)
  2. Mst.Dhanwant Singh- Silver Medal (IMO)
  3. Mst Divyank Kaushal-Bronze Medal (IMO)

Grade 3

  1. Mst Darsh Sood- Gold Medal (IMO)
  2. Mst Rudra Khattar – Gold Medal (NSO)
  3. Mst Dhairya Bakshi – Silver Medal (IMO)
  4. Mst Ojas – Bronze Medal (IMO)

Grade 4

  1. Mst Anish Arya – Gold Medal (IMO)
  2. Miss Anvita Jindal – Gold Medal (IEO)

Grade 5

  1. Mst Keshav Sethi- Gold Medal (IMO)

Grade 6

  1. Miss. Samarjot Kaur – Gold Medal (IMO)
  2. Mst Lekhpreet Singh – Gold Medal (NSO)


Mst Darsh Sood proved to be the symbol of brilliance and excellence in IMO (International Maths Olympiad) and qualified for Level 2.


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