We have well-equipped and sophisticated laboratories for imparting practical knowledge to showcase their abilities and unlock their hidden talents.

Science Lab


To make our students have a better grasp of Science concepts like science labs has been constructed to teach these rudiments creatively and interestingly.

Top CBSE Schools in Rajpura
Best CBSE School in Rajpura

Computer Lab


Carpe Diem International School has a High-Tech computer lab accessible to students with advanced hardware and software to cater to the requirements of students of all classes. We believe in following the ‘One Child One Computer’ policy.

Robotics Lab


Provides a structured course to the students wherein they programme their robots to perform various operations. Robotics has revolutionized the concept of learning and brought technology to the classrooms. We have a fully equipped Robotics Lab, which allows students to access science and technology via multiple points.

Top CBSE Schools in Rajpura
Top CBSE Schools in Rajpura

Audio Visual Lab


To make classroom learning more effective and interesting, a special Audio-Visual room has been set up. The outcome is to caters to the need of students to stimulate their retention power and interests in various subjects.

Language Lab


To foster Interactive communication in the classrooms, we have Language Labs wherein the young minds are imparted language proficiency skills. The main aim of these labs is to help students master all language skills.