Rules & Regulation

Our Vision

To ensure that each student achieves his or her potential academically, technologically, socially and emotionally.

Our Mission

To ensure that there are equal opportunities for every child to optimize his/her potential.

To ensure that students understand that rights come with responsibilities.

To build self esteem and a sense of community.

To motivate students to develop a keenness and understanding for lifelong learning.

The School’s Values

We believe that every child matters

We promote mutual respect

We believe equality for all

We promote innovation and creativity

We value success in all areas of school life

We work in partnership with parents and the community

We encourage students to value learning and be lifelong learners

We develop active citizens who respect their language and traditions and care for and respect their society/ community

The three golden rules of our school are: Good Manners & Correct Etiquette, Good Speech, Good Academics